moroccan mint tea, surf discovery morocco


moroccan mint tea, surf discovery morocco


Moroccan mint tea is ceremoniously prepared in front of guests.



Accept a glass of mint tea, is a way of extending Moroccan hospitality. Serving mint tea in Moroccan tea glasses is a way of life in Morocco and is their way of extending Moroccan hospitality to friends and family as well as any guests whether for business or pleasure Moroccans use any excuse to stop and serve their hot mint tea throughout the day when they welcome people into their homes or to a business setting.



During the tea ceremony, the host or hostess sits before a tray holding decorated glasses and two tea pots. Fresh mint leaves (or other herbs), dried green tea leaves, sugar and boiling water should be nearby.

The host begins by rinsing the tea pots with boiling water. Then he adds the tea leaves to each pot, and rinses the leaves with a little boiling water. The water is discarded.

Sugar is added to the pots and the host fills them with boiling water. The tea steeps for several minutes before being stirred, and then the host fills the tea glasses halfway while pouring simultaneously from both pots. The pouring is usually done from a height of twelve inches or more.

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